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Tolkien Pen

An eco-conscious ballpen, thoughtfully designed with a recycled aluminum body and complete with rPET and bamboo elements on the top. Enjoy 1km of blue Dokumental® Ink. Comes in an earth-friendly natural kraft box.
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Woolf Pen

Built with recycled stainless steel, this pen boasts a cap system including a touch tip, packing 1 Km of Dokumental® ink. The case, crafted from bamboo, adds an eco-friendly touch. Ideal for smooth black ink writing.
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Voltaire Pen

Made from recycled aluminium, this inkless pen redefines writing – it's an infinite pen with a graphite tip. Enhanced with an anti-rolling silver detail, an interior eraser and a touch tip. Presented in a recycled paper individual box.
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Kerouac Pen

Bamboo-built, this pen is an ode to eco-friendliness. It's an endless pen featuring an eraser and elegantly encased in a recycled paper gift box.
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Plato Pen

A symphony of sustainability and style, our pen features a recycled aluminium body and a rABS with bamboo top. The rotation system releases 1 Km of Dokumental® blue ink, all elegantly presented in an individual bamboo box.
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Dreiser Pen

Elevate your writing with our eco-friendly stainless steel pen. Boasting a matte metallic lacquered finish, it exudes sophistication. The black Dokumental® ink flows smoothly, creating a seamless and sustainable writing experience. The pen comes with a cap for added protection and style.
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Faulkner Pen

Combining eco-friendly cork and recycled stainless steel, this pen exudes sustainability. With 2 Km of Dokumental® ink, it writes smoothly in blue. It is also presented in an individual premium cork box, as a statement of conscious style.
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Aeschylus Pen

Elevate your writing experience with our eco-conscious bamboo and recycled stainless steel pen. Immerse in Dokumental® blue ink, housed in a sleek bamboo case. A harmonious blend of sustainability and sophistication for every discerning writer.
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Hemingway Pen

Crafted from robust recycled aluminium, our pen boasts a unique rotation push mechanism at the vibrant tip. The body has a vertical brushed effect and a silver tip and clip. Packed with 2 Km of Dokumental® black ink, encased in eco-friendly recycled cardboard box.
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Borges Pen

Expertly crafted from recycled aluminium, this pen redefines the push mechanism, with a magnetic-push system. With 1 Km of Dokumental® ink, housed in an individual recycled cardboard box, it delivers impeccable black ink.
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Rabelais Pen

A symphony of sustainability and style, our pen features a recycled aluminium body and rABS top. The rotation system releases black ink and the unique design of the top adds a modern look, all elegantly presented in an individual recycled box.
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