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Dali 550 Food Flask

This recycled satinless steel food flask is a 570ml (500ml net) wonder that comes with a twist: includes a foldable spoon, ready to stir your savoury stews or scoop up your chilled yoghurt; making outdoor picnics and office lunches a breeze.
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Dali 800 Food Flask

Our food flask of 810ml (740ml net) of sustenance is crafted from recycled stainless steel, double-walled for insulation. Cleverly, a foldable spoon hides in the lid. It's your sustainable foodie friend, keeping meals warm wherever you roam.
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Rembrandt 800 Food Flask

This food flask displays 2 compartments: the bottom 530ml (430 ml net) in recycled stainless steel and the 230 ml (110 ml net) plastic lid. Double-walled and oval-shaped perfect for soup and croutons. Leak-proof lid allowing you to take it anywhere.
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Rembrandt 600 Food Flask

This food flask is an eco-duet: 350ml (260ml net) of recycled stainless steel and 230ml (110ml net) of plastic clear lid for a sneak peek. Double-walled charm, oval grace. No spills as it is leak-proof. For yogurt and granola, a perfect pair.
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