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Marquez A6 Notebook

Bound in a recycled paper hardcover, our A6 notebook boasts 196 FSC 70gsm ivory lined paper and a ribbon bookmark. The elastic closure band and expandable inner pocket add convenience.
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Marquez A5 Notebook

Our A5 notebook boasts a recycled paper cover with 196 FSC 70gsm ivory lined pages. It features a sturdy hardcover, rounded corners, and a ribbon bookmark. It also comes with an elastic closure, expandable pocket and penholder.
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Marquez A4 Notebook

Introducing our eco-conscious A4 hardcover notebook crafted from recycled paper. It houses 240 recycled FSC of 70gsm ivory colour lined pages and a secure elastic closure. Embrace sustainability without compromising style and functionality.
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Wilde Notebook

Experience sustainable style with our recycled PU hardcover notebook. Inside, discover two convenient pockets, ideal for organizing loose items. Two ribbon markers help you navigate the 80gsm FSC dotted pages, making it a thoughtful blend of eco-consciousness and practicality.
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Sartre Notebook

Embrace eco-friendly elegance with our recycled PU softcover notebook. Its flexible cover is gentle to the touch. Featuring two inner pockets and two ribbon markers, this notebook combines functionality with sustainability. The 196 pages of 80gsm FSC dotted paper, ensure a smooth and guilt-free writing experience.
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Checkhov Notebook

Submerge in an eco-elegance with our A5 notebook with a Tea cover (65% tea and 35% cotton rag). Crafted for sustainability, it has 196 80gsm recycled dotted pages and a softcover. Enhanced with a flysheet carrying a story, it's a blend of purpose and style.
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Chaucer Notebook

Feed your creativity using our A5 notebook with a cover of Beer Waste (25% beer waste and 75%cotton rag). Each of the 196 pages are made of recycled 80gsm paper and is dotted. Features a softcover and a flysheet tht tells a unique story about the material.
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Lewis Notebook

Elevate your thoughts on sustainable pages. Our A5 notebook has a cover crafted from Corn Husk (60% corn husk and 40% cotton rag), offers 196 recycled 80 gsm dotted pages. Its softcover and flysheet inspire creativity, all while making a positive impact.
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Joyce Notebook

Bound in a Banana cover our A5 notebook that embodies eco-conscious elegance. 196 recycled 80gsm dotted pages, encased in a softcover. Your ideas, stories and logo flourish within, adding a touch of sustainability to your writing journey.
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Hugo Notebook

Introducing our A5 Milk Carton hardcover notebook. The repurposed cover, holding 160 70gsm recycled dotted pages of creative potential. Complete with a closing elastic and ribbon mark for your convenience. Embrace sustainable creativity!
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Howthorne Notebook

Incorporate sustainability into your notes with our A5 recycled PU notebook. It features 196 FSC 70gsm plain pages where creative space meets functionality. A vertical elastic, a pen holder and a matching ribbon, all biodegradable.
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Dante Notebook

Carefully made with a bamboo cover, our A5 notebook stands out. With 196 recycled 70gsm dotted pages, a thin vertical elastic and unique spirals designed on the spine, it offers functional elegance. It combines practicality and charm.
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Doyle Notebook

Immerse yourself in our A5 notebook with its unique Coffee cover. This notebook features 196 recycled 80gsm dotted pages, enclosed in a softcover. Stay organized with a practical notepad that adds convenience to your creative journey.
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Goethe Notebook

Immerse yourself in creativity with our A5 cork notebook. Crafted with eco-friendly material, it offers 196 recycled 70 gsm dotted pages, that closes with an horizontal elastic. Also, a ribbon tomark your thoughts.
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Cervantes Notebook

Crafted from bamboo fibre, our A5 notebook epitomizes elegance. Its 196 recycled 70gsm dotted pages await your inspiration. The perfect combination that promises style and practicality.
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Fitzgerald Notebook

Enhance your writing experience with our exquisite A5 notebook with a Coconut Husk cover (60% cocunut husk and 40% cotton rag). It boasts 196 recycled 80gsm dotted pages and a softcover. The flysheet showcases a unique story.
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Austen Notebook

Crafted with care, our A5 notebook features a hemp cover for an eco-friendly touch. It offers 196 recycled dotted pages of 80gsm of creative space. The softcover design and storytelling add practicality and personality.
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Andersen Notebook

Indulge your creativity with our A5 notebook, featuring a sugarcane cover for an eco-friendly touch. With 196 recycled 80gsm dotted pages, a softcover and a flysheet, it's a canvas for your thoughts. The perfect companion for your artistic endeavors.
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Homer Notebook

Unleash your imagination with our A5 notebook crafted from stone paper, with a consistent interior and exterior. 196 plain pages that are waterproof. Elevate your writing experience with its flexible cover.
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Steinbeck Notebook

Crafted with a unique woodgrain cover, our A5 notebook redefines sophistication. It has 196 FSC 70gsm plain pages, a vertical rPET spine, inner pocket on the back cover, double ribbon and pen holder combined with the spine make it a stylish and functional choice.
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Verne Notebook

From thoughts to ink, our carefully crafted A5 notebook boasts a cotton rag cover, gentle on the planet. 196 pages of recycled dotted 80gsm paper await your ideas, while a softcover and stroytelling add character to your chronicles.
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Dostoevsky Notebook

Made with care, our A5 Lemongrass cover notebook is an innovative and eco-friendly canvas for your thoughts and ideas. With 196 recycled 80gsm dotted pages, it features softcover and a flysheet with storytelling.
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Poe Notebook

Write your eco-friendly thoughts on our A5 notebook. A cover made from Flax, it boasts 196 80gsm dotted recycled pages, a softcover and a flysheet for an artistic touch. Your words, our sustainable canvas.
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Bronte A5 Notebook

Cherish your ideas sustainably with our A5 notebook. The recycled cardboard cover and 160 pages of FSC 70 gsm lined ivory pages, made for mindful note-taking. It's a canvas for your creativity while treading lightly on the environment.
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Melville Notebook

Secure your ideas with our lockable A5 300D rPET notebook cover. It features a removable notebook with 192 FSC pages of 70 gsm plain ivory paper. It includes two interior pockets so you can organize yourself. Elevate your writing experience responsibly.
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Bronte A4 Notebook

Eco-conscious elegance meets functionality in our A4 notebook. Crafted with a recycled cardboard cover and 160 pages of FSC 70gsm ivory lined paper, it's both sustainable and spacious. Softcover and stitched spine.
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Bronte A6 Notebook

An eco-friendly companion for your thoughts, our A6 notebook boasts a cover crafted from recycled cardboard. Its 160 pages, made with FSC lined pages, with 70 gsm thickness, provide a reliable canvas for your creativity.
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